We don’t offer a “one-size-fits-all” marketing strategy to our clients. We customize everything to satisfy your specific needs.

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Our Services



From your very first logo to that huge billboard next to the N1. We’ll design it for you, putting your thoughts on paper – beautifully. Since we understand that this is more than business to you, it’s more than a pretty picture to us. We’ll make sure that all your designs align with every business goal to talk to your audience in a way they understand.

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest – it’s the language of Feisty. We’ve got you covered. People love being social, we will help you showing them your social side and interact with them on social platforms.

Website Design & Development

This is the foundation of your brand and the part of your brand’s personality that will stick with your clients. We make sure that your website is a fountain of information that your clients are looking for, it should be user-friendly and easy for them to get to know you.

Digital and Traditional Marketing

In 2020 digital marketing is inevitable, but we don’t throw away the loyal traditional mediums that got us here. Digital marketing is our main focus but we will still make sure to meet your audience where they are, whether that be on Facebook or in the local newspaper – we’ll find them and have a conversation.


Public Relations & Communication

Public Relations and Communications are one of our forte’s, since we love building relationships with our fellow humans. Besides from advertising your brand, you should also build a strong and loyal relationship with your customers and clients. It’s the added value that people get from your business that will make them come back for more.


Search Engine Optimisation – your key to be Google’s favourite answer when asked about your industry. With SEO we will make sure that you are easy to be found when your audience asks their best friend (Google) about you, your industry, products or services. To be part of Google’s answers, you need to be one of Google’s friends, and we can help you with that!