This is our story

We are a quick evolving, modern group of creatives. We specialise in multiple directions in the communications and marketing industry such as branding, social media management, public relations & communication as well as graphic and web design. For each project we offer integrated marketing and communication ideas and solutions. We are always up for a challenge and enjoy developing marketing strategies that our clients love.

Feisty was found by Juanita Greyling’s love for the social part of business. She studied and obtained Cum Laude degree from the North West University in Communications studies. Juanita specialises in Public Relations and Communication Management with a Honor’s and Master’s degree focusing on organisations’ internal and external communication and relationship management within the public sphere. With the Grace of God, her dream grew into a reality and now, together with an amazing team,  they are able to help businesses grow to their full potential.

At Feisty, we don’t believe in comfort zones, rather, we thrive on the adrenaline we get from challenges, new projects, and difficult audiences. In the new and growing industry of digital marketing, the pace of trends changing are fast and continuous and therefore we need to stay on top of the latest updates, social language, digital programmes, media partners and apps. We are fast evolving into a world where reality and virtuality are entwined and we love digging into the spaces where our brands will benefit best.

Meet the feisty team

Juanita Greyling

Juanita Greyling

083 954 3003

With her love for coffee, chatting and high heels, she can conquer the world! She is the expert in relationships-, reputation- and crisis management and how to maintain a healthy understanding between your brand and your stakeholders as well as with the media. When PR gets sticky, she’s the woman you need on your side!