Meet the new investors in your brand

We work with our clients, hand in hand from beginning to end!
Building your brand is not a one man show, but rather a team effort between
Feisty and your brand – continuously complementing each other.


We are not like any other Communications and Marketing Agencies, we form part of your company’s marketing team. We carefully hand select our clients because we need to believe in everything that they do, so that we can do what we do best – marketing!
When we believe in your brand.
We invest with our hearts,
We invest with our minds
And we invest with our expertise.
Your brand will be like our baby, we will care for it, nurture it, protect it while you can watch it grow.
We will work as a team to make sure that this journey that we embark on together, will make your dreams a reality. Letting your brand grow is a team effort between Feisty and your brand. We help each other to make sure that you will see and experience return on investment and that your brand and business is thriving!

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how we do it

Strategy & Concept Development
When you put a few creatives in one room with one goal, magic will happen. Our team of creative thinkers and strategic do-ers will change your world and how you see it. You plant a seed and we make it grow through integrated marketing campaigns. Step by step we envision a concept into a strategy, and through progressive planning and research we develop your given reality.
Graphic Design & Web development
We have dedicated, creative designers whose only aim is to design your idea into something amazing. We will grow this idea into a custom made, user-friendly website to collaborate with your brand and business. With a modern, up beat look and feel, you can be confident that your audience will instantly fall in love with your brand!
Social Media Management
Social media management is so much more than just a few Facebook posts, it’s the integration of business goals, communication goals and marketing goals into one strategy to communicate with your audience via their favourite platforms! Don’t be shy about your brand, let’s talk about it, let’s show the social side of your business and get your audience to invest in much more that just a product.
PR & Communications
“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” We strongly believe in the remarkable effect of this Richard Branson quote. PR shapes and maintains the image of a company in the eye of the client’s various “publics”. Allow us to dig deep in your business to find that perfect PR story, to build mutually beneficial relationships with your stakeholders, to boost your reputation and to manage your crisis so that your company has the voice it deserves!

Our Workshops

Learn from the pros at our workshops! Social Media, Brand Management you name it!